How Do I Form A Union? Ben Hennessy, Director of Organizing
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Join the Teamsters

Local 31's Organizing Department is extremely active under the Directorship of Jure Kelava. Jure spends most of his time responding to a steady stream of phone and other queries raised by workers in every sector of British Columbia and Yukon. He appears regularly at the BCLRB and the CIRB on certification matters. The Teamsters' reputation for being tough negotiators is well known throughout the Province and Territory.

How do I form a union?

A union is formed when any group of employees decides they would rather bargain their work terms and conditions as a group rather than individually. That group approaches a known trade union such as Teamsters Local 31 seeking certification. The trade union circulates membership cards for employees to sign and then the Union files those cards along with an application for certification at the appropriate labour board (either the British Columbia Labour Relations Board or the Canada Industrial Labour Board).

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