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Business Representative

Contact Information

1 Grosvenor Square
Delta BC
V3M 5S1

Mark Bethel

  • Appoint to Local Union as Business Representative, June, 2018
  • Elected to Executive Board as Trustee, January, 2018
  • Elected Delegate, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention, 2016
  • Elected Representative, National Collective Agreement Bargaining between UPS Canada and Canada Council of Teamsters, 2015
  • Attended Canadian Labour Congress Winter School "Facing Management", 2015
  • Appointed to Executive Board as Recording Secretary for Local 31 July, 2014
  • Proud Teamster for 22 years employed at UPS Fraser Valley Centre as a package car driver since 1992.
  • Elected Shop Steward 2004
  • Elected Chief Shop Steward 2005
  • Graduate of Canadian Labour Congress Winter School Advanced Collective Bargaining, 2008
  • Elected Representative at 2010 National Collective Agreement Bargaining between UPS and Canada Council of Teamsters.
  • Participated in National FedEx organizing campaign 2009-2010
  • Served as an Election Officer on International Brotherhood of Teamsters Delegate Election, 2006 and Teamsters Local 31 General Election, 2008.
  • Graduate of various Local 31 Shop Steward seminars.
  • Avid hockey player and hot rod enthusiast.